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Kyle Ehlis

Hello Everybody!

Welcome to the 2020/2021 school year.  Each school year brings new challenges and adventures.  Wow, do we have some challenges and adventures to start the 2020 school year!   Thank you everybody for your patience and understanding as we get started this next week.

This year, we will have some flexible learning models in order to keep in-person instruction possible at Chimacum Creek Primary School.  We are one of the very few schools in the state of Washington that is having in-person instruction.  With that being said, we have to follow some very strict guidelines in order to have students in our building.  I will be outlining many of those guidelines in this message, as well as in posts throughout the school website.


Last school year, we were able to allow for visitors and volunteers on a regular basis in our building.  We have to change our process.  Visitors will need to make appointments with the classroom teacher, office staff, or principal in order to visit the building.  We will be conducting temperature checks and screening questions for each of our visitors in the building.  The front doors will remain locked and appointments will need to be set up in advance.


We hope to be able to launch an app in the near future that allows for an easy process to screen our young students each day.  Until that is set up, we will have paper copies for each student that a parent can sign off on each day using the OSPI screening questions.  We will temperature check each student, each day, at the front of the building.  Signs and staff members will help guide students to their classrooms.

Hybrid Instruction

Students have been placed into two cohorts for each classroom teacher.  This model is an AA/BB model for students.  The A Cohort will attend on Monday and Tuesday, while the B Cohort will attend on Thursday and Friday.  The first week of school will be a Tuesday and Wednesday for the A Cohort.  Students will be provided with online instruction the remaining three days of the school week using Google Classroom.  The first several weeks of school will be used to build connections with the students and start to train them the process of using the Google Classroom.  Remote instruction during the first several weeks will be reduced as students and teachers work towards building capacity with our system.  Within the first several weeks, we will have a Monday drop date for the online portion of instruction.

Remote Instruction

We have two dedicated teachers working with students that will be receiving full-time remote instruction.  Students will be receiving asynchronous (taped) instruction daily that corresponds with tasks, as well as synchronous (real-time) instruction in small groups or individually.  The time for instruction will be flexible to meet the needs of individual students.  Students will learn how to use Google Classroom as the learning management system and will complete daily tasks, view instructional content and connect with the teacher frequently.


Staff will be working with families to ensure that technology needs are met for each of our students.  We have Chromebooks at CCP and will be spending the first week of school getting them ready to disperse to families.  Appointments will be made for our remote students to pick up Chromebooks.  We will hopefully be able to start checking out Chromebooks for our hybrid students by the end of the first week and into the second week of school.

Arrival and Dismissal- Hybrid

Bus Arrival (1/2)-                 9:00

Parent Drop Off (1/2)-         9:05

AM Kinder-                          9:00-12:00

PM Kinder-                         12:30-3:30

Dismissal (1/2)-                   3:30

Lunch Schedule

11:00-                                 First Grade

11:30-                                 AM Kindergarten

12:00-                                 Second Grade

12:30-                                 PM Kindergarten

Face Coverings

All staff, students, and visitors at Chimacum Creek Primary are required to wear face coverings.  We have face coverings to provide to students and visitors that do not have one or would like to use one.

Physical Distancing

Six feet of space for staff and students will be observed throughout the school day in areas where students and staff will be working for 15 or more minutes.  These areas include the cafeteria and classrooms.  


This school year will be all about flexibility and adapting.  We have to make these changes to our school day in order to have in-person instruction.  We also want to keep in-person instruction at our building as long as possible and the new precautions and guidelines we are following will assist us in our mission.  

Thank you all for your comments, questions, words of encouragement, and everything that you done in the past couple of weeks for myself and the staff at CCP.  Please do not hesitate reaching out to the school when questions come up.


Kyle Ehlis



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