Board Of Education

Kathryn Lamka, Appointed 2020
Kathryn Lamka
Title: Director District #5
Phone: (206) 931-0227

Kathryn Lamka grew up in Michigan and attended Michigan State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in German Education and a Master of Arts in Secondary Education. She taught German for ten years in the South Redford School District. When enrollments in the district declined, she was able to pursue another of her dreams-- working for IBM as a Systems Engineer. While in Detroit, she worked exclusively with General Motors. She accidentally “found” Seattle while on a business trip and began lobbying for a move to the Pacific Northwest. With IBM in Seattle, she supported many large companies and established a consultancy to introduce electronically supported meeting facilitation and decision making.

After fifteen years at IBM, she left to continue the meeting facilitation using a software product developed by a startup company called Meetingworks. It was at this time that she felt like she had come “full circle” to combine her teaching skills with her technical skills. Each meeting involved creating a process to lead a group to a desired end, whether it be strategic planning, problem solving, team building, process improvement or project prioritization.

Kathryn and husband Neil Lamka moved from Seattle to Port Ludlow in 2004, where she was able to conduct meetings remotely using their software. In 2010, she retired and joined the world of volunteering.

She served on the board of the Jefferson Land Trust for eight years, as President of her local water district board for seven years, and as President of Jefferson Solar Group, a local group of solar enthusiasts who installed a large solar array at the Jefferson County Airport. In 2017, she joined the board of The Community Wellness Project (CWP), whose mission is to cultivate the health, resiliency and wellbeing of students and families in Jefferson County. The focus has been on Chimacum, where CWP has helped secure major grant funding for introducing Farm to School components such as school gardens at all levels, equipment upgrades for the cafeteria to process local foods, and CTE programming to broaden the scope of the Culinary Arts and Horticulture classes.

For the past nine years, Kathryn has been tutoring in the Chimacum Elementary School, both in math and English/Language Arts. She is also a member of the Wellness Committee, a board appointed committee to implement the District’s Wellness Policy. She is an avid spin cyclist and enjoys gardening, walking, cooking, and traveling.

Kathryn joins the board with the hope that we can continue to shine a light on Chimacum’s heritage and provide excellent opportunities and healthy options for all students in the District.