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November 20, 2020

Beginning Monday, November 30th, Chimacum School District will return to all remote only except for students who receive Special Services.  Cohort A is welcome to attend in person as usual on Monday, November 23rd.  Cohort B only is invited to attend in person on Tuesday, November 24th.  Wednesday, November 25th is considered all remote learning and a half day for students and staff. Note: Students who do not have internet access at home will coordinate with their teacher.

A partir del lunes 30 de noviembre, el distrito escolar de Chimacum regresará a todos los lugares remotos únicamente, excepto a los estudiantes que reciban servicios especiales. La cohorte A puede asistir en persona como de costumbre el lunes 23 de noviembre. La cohorte B solo está invitada a asistir en persona el martes 24 de noviembre. El miércoles 25 de noviembre se considera todo aprendizaje remoto y medio día para los estudiantes y el personal. Nota: Los estudiantes que no tienen acceso a Internet en casa se coordinarán con su maestro.


November 19, 2020

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We are continuing to see a significant rise in COVID-19 cases in Jefferson County (now an infection rate above 100 per 100,000 population). I have decided to pause our hybrid, in-person learning model and transition to our remote-only learning model for almost all of our students.

This transition process will be determined by our health department’s infection rate data that I will review along with other Jefferson County school leaders, as of late Friday, November 20th.


If the infection rate is spiking dramatically, we’ll move to remote-only learning beginning Monday, November 23rd.

If the infection rate increase is gradual, we’ll move to remote only learning after the Thanksgiving break, November 30th.

You will receive the exact date as soon as possible and we will post it via www.csd49.org, Facebook, Skyward email, and School Messenger phone and text notifications.

We will not be closing schools as abruptly as we did in the spring. We will still offer limited in-person support for some students receiving special education or intervention services.

With our transition to distance learning our families can expect the continuation of:

  • Meal delivery and pick up
  • Current grading practices
  • Daily attendance tasks
  • Google Classrooms
  • Technology support for school issued devices
  • Home internet support for low income families

The duration of this remote-only learning model will be dependent on our community infection rate. I will be monitoring this health data and will communicate with you on a regular basis. Our goal is to return to in-person learning once the infection rate stabilizes well below the current level (now at 100 per 100,000!). The holiday season is upon us and our behavior during these next few weeks will determine the trajectory of the infection rate. I will keep you informed as we move forward.

I have considered the serious impact this will have on our students and their families. With a significantly increased rate of community infection, our hybrid in-person learning model is vulnerable to frequent disruption due to out-of-school exposure of students and staff. This high community infection rate impacts both our learning model and the safety of students and staff. On balance, I understand that moving to a remote-learning model is necessary. It remains, however, a difficult decision.  

I will continue to monitor the situation as we navigate the holiday season. When it is clear that the current, escalating COVID infection rate has begun to subside and stabilize; we’ll begin preparations to return us to an in-person learning model. In fact, we’d like to return to a more robust in-person model, if at all possible, in our second semester. We’ll have time to plan for that.  

I am weary of this pandemic; as I’m sure each of you are. In fact, it appears that pandemic fatigue is part of our problem. It seems that we’ve let our guard down locally. While we once enjoyed a remarkably low infection rate relative to our neighbors; it looks like we’re moving quickly to a very unsafe level of infection as reflected in state trends. We can take actions to control this community spread; but it requires continual vigilance and making good decisions.

On a hopeful note, it appears that we will soon have a vaccine that is safe and effective. However, the distribution and uptake of that vaccine will pose challenges. It’s probably optimistic to expect any relief much before April, 2021. Still, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

I wanted to end with a note of hope! Thank you for your continued flexibility as we adjust to this changing situation.



Dr. David Engle

Acting Superintendent


Message from Acting Superintendent, Dr. David Engle

November 16, 2020

To our community and families,


On November 15th, Governor Inslee announced additional restrictions on business and private gatherings. There are no additional restrictions on K-12 schools or on continuing our in-person blended learning cohorts. Students will continue to attend on their scheduled days for in-person instruction. We have decided to continue with in-person learning as long as it is safe to do so.


In order for us to keep schools open for in-person learning we will need all families, students, and staff to follow all the state guidance both in and out of school to help stop the spread of COVID-19:

Do not come to school sick, or if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19

Always wear a mask at school and when out in public

Wash your hands regularly

Maintain six feet of distance between you and others when outside your house

Do not have indoor social gatherings with people outside your household

Limit outdoor gatherings to five people

Quarantine for 14 days after out of state travel


At school we will be continuing our health and safety measures:

  • Wellness screenings and temperature checks
  • Masking
  • Maintaining physical distancing
  • Exclusion of anyone with symptoms
  • No visitors in the school
  • Increased cleaning of surfaces


In addition, we are asking that families call and make an appointment before visiting the school or district office.

Chimacum School District Contact Information:

District Office (360) 302-5890

Primary School (360) 302-5820

Elementary and Pi (360) 302-5855

Junior/Senior High (360) 302-5900


The school district will be asking all families and staff to follow the travel advisory issued on Friday, November 13th. If students or staff travel out of state, they will need to practice self-quarantine for 14 days after returning home before coming back to their school. Students will participate in remote learning during this time. 


We continue to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19 in Jefferson County and work closely with Jefferson County Public Health to make decisions about maintaining in-person cohorts. We know that closing in-person learning will have a large impact on students and families.


If your family is experiencing additional challenges or financial hardship please access the resources in the community (see https://l2020.org/covid-19/) meant to provide assistance with food, housing, financial assistance, mental health care, and internet connectivity.



Dr. David Engle

Acting Superintendent


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