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Welcome to the Chimacum Sr High School Focus Alternative Program!

Focus Alternative Program 
The Focus Program is an alternate route to graduation for Chimacum Sr High School students. Students are able to work toward a 20-credit Focus Diploma or a 23-credit CHS diploma. Courses in the Focus Room are predominantly through the Apex online system. Students can enroll in semester- or year-long courses or choose a Credit Recovery option to retrieve previously failed class credit. To enroll in the Focus Program, students should complete the application packet. Acceptance into the program is based on several factors such as grade level, individual need, and space availability. Once accepted, students and parents are expected to meet with the teacher & counselor to develop the learning plan. Contact the Focus Teacher, School Counselor, or Administration for more information.

Apex Online Courses
Apex online courses utilize an interactive, multimedia approach for learning. Students will complete their work independently with the support of the Focus teacher and are expected to make daily progress. Each course has multiple units with a variety of learning modalities, including journals, discussions, practice, review, quizzes, and tests. Courses are aligned to state standards. Courses are available in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, foreign languages, health and fitness, technology, and electives, and many are available as honors or AP versions. Students who are interested in taking an online class should complete an application which is available in the counseling or main office. There is a once-yearly $150 fee to access the Apex program. 


Focus Online: Quick Information


Assignments & Assessments:

  •        Tests: pretests, unit tests, and exams—all must be proctored at school and unlocked by teacher
  •        Assignments: may be completed at home & turned in at school or via email
  •        Quizzes: may be completed at home; your notes may be used
  •        Reset assessments—contact teacher with your name, course name, and number to reset (ie: Scott H-please reset Art 1.2.3)


Necessary Materials:

  •        Binder / Folder to store study guides
  •        Notebook for notes or essay drafts
  •        Pens, Pencils, Erasers
  •        Headphones
  •        Calculator (if necessary)


Plan your study sessions:

  •        Plan to use the school days to take tests, print assignments, and obtain support with course.
  •        Computer use at school is only for access to your Apex course.
  •        Due Dates: Courses will have due dates to help keep you on-schedule to complete the course before the end date.


If you have any questions, please check in with your teacher. We will conference about goals and progress often throughout the year.



CSHS Focus Program Syllabus

Focus program quick information

APEX courses: review the information online before signing up for the course; find the course name and click on the check mark box in the core column

Coach guide for parents/guardians: provide your email to the teacher and receive weekly progress reports

HOPE and PE required log assignment instructions

Focus application

Focus Alternative 


Mr. Dave Porter

Dave Porter
Apex Math
360-732-4090 x372
  • Focus Alternative Contact Information

    Our Focus Alternative program has been an option for students for over 10 years, and we are thrilled that it will continue to be available in the 2019-2020 school year.
    A variety of students take courses through Focus:
    • Students who are credit deficient and seeking an alternate route to graduation
    • Students who are credit deficient and seeking to retrieve credits and earn a CHS Diploma
    • Students are are on track for graduation and have an interest in online course work


    Look for additional information regarding applying to the program, requesting an online or independent study course, as well as success stories of our students!