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2022 ASB Retreat!!

Attention 2022-2023 ASB Officers! We will be having our annual retreat on August 22nd from 10:30AM to 3:00PM. The location is to be determined. Please check the Google Classroom for more information on what to bring and how to be prepared!


2023 5th Annual ASB Auction

Saturday, February 25, 6:00PM!


Thank you to the 2022 four VIP Sponsors!

K & R VIP 2022

CSD VIP 2022

Teen Coalition VIP 2022


ASB VIP Sponsor 2022


Please contact the CJSHS office to purchase your tickets! You can mail check or cash to CJSHS or come in to the office to pay by card. Please specify who will be attending. Daycare will be provided in the gym and auditorium for a donation to ASB!! Please come to support your ASB! If you cannot attend, please email Carrie Beebe, , if you would like to donate an item, be a sponsor, or volunteer to help. Stay tuned for more information to come!


2022-2023 ASB Officers

Executive President - Vacant

Executive Secretary - Vacant

Executive Treasurer - Vacant

Senior Class:     President - Alyssa Vandenberg

                            Vice President - Vacant

                            Treasurer - Sean Botkin

                            Secretary - Connor Paterson

 Junior Class:     President - Kylee Johnson

                             Vice President - Ava Shiflett

                             Treasurer - Reid Martin

                             Secretary - Paige Govia

Sophomore Class:  President - Ryan Turner

                                  Vice President - Austin Perovich

                                  Treasurer - Vacant

                                  Secretary - Vacant

Freshman Class:     President - Emily Liske

                                  Vice President - Kaleigh Sukert

                                  Treasurer - Vacant

                                  Secretary - Rylee Spainhower

8th Grade Class:     Co-President - Lorelei Turner

                                  Co-President - Gracee Liske

                                  Treasurer - Seth Nielsen

                                  Secretary - Donovan Lunde

7th Grade Class:     President - Vacant

                                  Vice President - Vacant

                                  Treasurer - Vacant

                                  Secretary - Vacant

2021-2022 ASB Officers

Executive President - Viola Phillips Frank

Executive Treasurer - Micajah Shiflett

Senior Class:     President - Ava Vaughan-Mifsud

                            Vice President - Eugenia Phillips Frank

                            Treasurer - Benjamin Martin

                            Secretary - Vacant

 Junior Class:     President - Shelby Thibeault

                             Vice President - Alyssa Vandenberg

                             Treasurer - Sean Botkin

                             Secretary - Connor Paterson

Sophomore Class:     President - Ava Shiflett

                                     Vice President - Kamryn Radley

                                     Treasurer - Gary Zambor

                                     Secretary - Paige Govia

Freshman Class:     President - Ryan Turner

                                  Vice President - Austin Perovich

                                  Treasurer - Kay Botkin

                                  Secretary - Vacant

8th Grade Class:     President - Emily Liske

                                  Vice President - Kaleigh Sukert

                                  Treasurer - Wyatt Burgess

                                  Secretary - Rylee Spainhower

7th Grade Class:     President - Lorelei Turner

                                  Vice President - Gracee Liske

                                  Treasurer - Seth Nielson

                                  Secretary - Donovan Lundt


ASB Card and Athletic Participation Data


Opportunity GAP Reduction Plan 2022-23

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