This page allows us the opportunity to share successes of Chimacum students and district recognition. (created 8/26/20)



On December 8, 2021 - Superintendent Mauk recognized Student Directors Ava Vaughan and Eugenia Frank. Ava and Eugenia have been enthusiastic and exemplary, representing student voices in our district and providing adults with vital perspective. They continue to remind us, "nothing about us without us." After participating with other student leaders at the WSSDA conference, they were invited to a conference in Washington, D.C., where they will also participate in discussion with legislators in January 2022.


On October 27, 2021 - Superintendent Mauk recognized Carrie Beebe. She has been a pivotal leader in the development of the sports combine and an inspiring advocate for student athletics, building an inclusive sports program for Chimacum and Port Townsend athletes.


On September 22, 2021 - Superintendent Mauk recognized the following administrative assistant staff members for their dedication to getting the school year up and running. Many have also taken on the added responsibilities of contact tracing and rapid Covid testing:

Connie Barrows

Cindy Brown

Cameron Botkin

Marilee Liske

Denise Miller

Donna Rooney

Lee Stampfler

Thank you for going the extra mile!


On August 25, 2021 - Superintendent Mauk recognized the following faculty and staff for their contributions to this year's summer school programming:

Ann Abraham

Carrie Beebe

Spencer Kenan

Brian MacKenzie

Josette Mendoza

Kate Miller

Michelle Moseley

Kathy Paddock

Dave Porter

Kevin Racine

Kathleen Spradley

Veronica Toepper

Shannon White

Thank you all for giving up a part of your summer to be here working with the students in our community!


On July 28, 2021 Superintendent Dr. Scott Mauk, awarded Silver Spurs to the following Custodial/Grounds/Maintenance staff members for the time and expertise they contribute to improving Chimacum School District facilities:

Kalena Ackerman

Kristy Ackerman

Steve Barbettini

Eric Bulliman

Henry Florschutz

Don Giese

Portia Jones

Mike Kunka

James Kuntz

Louie Larson

Chad Lawson

Bill Laubner
Marilee Liske
Kathy Paddock

Todd Stampfler

Chris Storm

Bob Williams
Thank you for all you do at Chimacum School District!


On June 23, 2021 - Dr. David Engle recognized the following Administrative Assistants:

  • Theresa Burroughs for her steadfast support, wisdom, and being the district's go-to for information.
  • Lee Stampfler for her loyalty, dedication and organizational support to Chimacum Creek Primary School.
  • Connie Barrows and Denise Miller for ensuring Chimacum Elementary and Pi continued to run smoothly through all of this year's changes.
  • Donna Rooney for her holding of the demands of the Special Services Department and assisting Chimacum Elementary.
  • Marilee Liske for her knowledge of facilities and taking on bookkeeper responsibilities for Chimacum Junior/Senior High School.
  • Cameron Botkin and Cindy Brown for jumping in with enthusiasm and taking on the challenges of front office tasks and registrar challenges at Chimacum Junior/Senior High School.

The Chimacum School District staff thanks you all for the countless hours and hard work you put into your positions. Our schools would not be able to function without you!


On June 9, 2021 - Dr. David Engle awarded Silver Spurs to the following for their work as teacher-leaders in the emerging conversations focused on racial justice and cultural competence.:

  • Gary Coyan
  • Mitch Brennan
  • Stephanie Tell
  • Heidi Johnson
  • Michele Moriarty
  • Hannah Zach
  • Kate Miller
  • Julianne Bonnell
  • Alex Chebuhar
  • Michele Kaster


On May 26, 2021 - Dr. David Engle recognized Charlie Fornia and Al Gonzalez for leading successful eSports clubs this year and the following Rotary Club members for their work with the Jefferson Teen Center:

Carla Caldwell

Sandy Eherenman

Susan Jacob

Leah Langey

Michael Langey

Bill James

Shelly Leavens

Mark Leavens

Peter Ewing

MJ Ewing

Lee Hoffman

Jake Davidson

Sheldon Spencer

Dave Stanko

David Whitney

Shayann Hoffer


On May 12, 2021 -Dr. David Engle awarded Silver Spurs to the following Pi students for their accomplishments:

Bradan Watson, 4th Grader (enthusiasm and friendliness)

Kaya Campbell, 5th Grader (empathy and leadership)

Landon Pol, 8th Grader (compassion and strong work ethic)

Malachi Jackson, 10th Grader (responsibility and self-advocacy)

Maria Powell, 10th Grader (soloist with Port Townsend Symphony)


Please see below for a list of students who received Silver Spurs on March 24, 2021.

Freshman Sarah Hinds received a Silver Spur Award for her participation in Food Service, Farm to School videos.  Thank you, Sarah!

Maria Powell, congratulations on being accepted to the 2021 NAfME All_Northwest Band on Tenor Saxophone! 

Congratulations, Isabella Harvey! Your hard work as a Future Business Leader is recognized and Chimacum School District is proud of you. 

Congratulations Ethan Self-LoBosco on your award-winning essayContest: Holocaust Center for Humanity Writing, Art and Film


District & Staff Recognition

Shari Glessing


Elementary teacher, Kit Pennell, is one of six Patsy Collins Award recipients in Washington State. This award is based on Excellence in Education, Environment, and Community!! It honors extraordinary teachers in Washington K-12 schools who are creating equitable, project-based learning experiences that inspire stewardship and environmental awareness. This prestigious award comes with a $5,000 grant. Congratulations, Kit!

6th grade Science teacher and staff trainer, Al Gonzalez, was awarded the NCE Outstanding Technology Educator of the Year. Way to go, Al!

Olympic Educational Service District 114 Letter of Appreciation for Unprecedented Efforts during COVID-19

Washington State Patrol Annual School Bus Inspection recognition


Silver Spurs Awards 2020-21

April 28: Food Service staff members Linda Boyd, Angie Carstensen, Shellie Friedrich, Jenny Hinds, Heidi Holmes, and Sandra Neet received Silver Spurs for going above and beyond the call of dutie to meet the ever-changing food prep and scheduling demands brought on by the Coronavirus. We thank you all so much for your time and dedication to feeding Chimacum students!

April 14: Principals Kyle Ehlis, Jason Lynch, and David Carthum were recognized and received Silver Spurs for their work on bring more students back to campus. 

March 24: The following students received Silver Spurs for the hard work and motivation they contribute to learning and their class:

  • Parker Rief, 1st grade
  • Isabella Martin, 1st grade
  • JoLynn Garlock, 3rd grade
  • Nikolai Mascho, 4th grade
  • Starlin Carder, 10th grade
  • Santana Padilla, 10th grade

March 10:

  • Kindergarten teacher, Hannah Zach was recognized for her engagement in the ELA Subject Area Committee (SAC) and anti-racism teacher leader conversations.
  • Junior/Senior High Administrative Assistant, Cameron Botkin received a Silver Spur for her welcoming and enthusiastic energy.

February 24: Long-time Chimacum teacher, Shawn Meacham was recognized for his flexibility and willingness to step in and teach where there is need. Thank you, Mr. Meacham!

February 10: Junior/Senior High Math Teacher, Dave Porter received a Silver Spur for taking on an additional in-person class in another subject matter. 

January 27: Primary School Teacher, Heidi Johnson was recognized for advocating for a new K-6 hybrid cohort AM/PM model. 

January 13: Eric Bulliman and Chad Lawson were received Silver Spurs for their time and efforts spent remodeling the Flexible Learning classroom. 

December 16:

  • Student Directors Ava Vaughan-Mifsud and Eugenia Frank received recognition for their creative ways to engage with their peers, enthusiastic and thorough reporting, and participation in board activities, including the WSSDA Annual Conference. 
  • CJSHS Counselor, Stephanie Tell, was awarded a Silver Spur for going above and beyond to identify student needs and engagement, communication efforts, and supporting students, staff, and faculty.
  • Dean of Students, Mark Gudger, was recognized for his unwavering support of students, tracking and going on home visits to ensure all students return to learning and stay engaged.

November 18:

  • Mary Novak, for ongoing continuing to be available and providing registrar support for Chimacum Junior/Senior High.
  • Cole Henley, for creating Rainbow Catchers to sell as a fundraiser for the Flexible Learning Program.
  • Traci Meacham for assisting Dr. Engle, supporting district staff, and coordinating board meetings.

October 28:

October 14: The following Custodial/Grounds/Maintenance staff members received Silver Spurs Awards for stepping up to put in extra hours to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the facilities for the well-being of students and staff: Kristy Ackerman, Portia Jones, Bob Williams, Eric Bulliman, Don Giese, Todd Stampfler, and Mike Kunka.  Thank you for your dedication and hard work!

September 23: Athletic Director, Carrie Beebe, was recognized for going above and beyond the duties of her position to assist with school reopening and computer distribution.

Acting Superintendent, Dr. David Engle, introduced the Silver Spurs Award and recognized the following district staff members on September 9, 2020:

Ann Abraham, CEA President, for union negotiations and work on MOU

Stephanie McCleary, Director of Human Resources, for union negotiations and work on MOU

Art Clarke, Assistant Superintendent/Finance & Operations, for union negotiations, work on MOU, and reopening preparedness

Henry Florschutz, Director of Maintenance, Custodial, and Grounds, for campus beautification

Al Gonzalez, 6th Grade Science, for leading technology trainings