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    As ordered by Governor Inslee, all Chimacum Schools are closed through the end of the 2019-20 school year, June 19. All athletics, activities and clubs are cancelled during the school closure. This includes Head Start, Madrona, and West Sound Tech.  Questions? Please call (360) 302-5891.  For local community support visit Local 20/20 at https://l2020.org/.

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Graduation is here!

Cap and Gown


Congratulations to the class of 2019 and to their families. 

A large event like graduation takes a team effort.  I want to thank Mr. MacKenzie for his years of service in high school administration and Mark Gudger, Dean of Students.  I want to thank Barb Fogerson for helping each student and family achieve their dreams while keeping track of each credit.  Thanks to Sherry, Karen, Melody, and Ciela for their support of each student.  A big thank you to the high school faculty and staff for their unyielding commitment to the success of each student.  Of course each student thanks the many elementary and middle school staff members for helping each student achieve their spotlight on the graduation stage. 

I want to extend a big shout out to seniors Renee Woods and Samantha Pina.  Renee and Samantha served as a student representative on the Chimacum School Board – Renee served for two years.  Their voice and perspective helped guide the district all along the way. 

What’s next for each student?  Some students are going to college.  Some are entering the work force.   Some are doing both.  One thing is clear, learning is a lifelong process.  I hope each student sees graduation as the beginning – equipped to enter the adult stage of life – not the end. 

To the families, none of these students could have succeeded without your love, planning, sacrifice and support. 

Over the years I have watched many commencements.  Each one is slightly different; each class has its own character.  The clothes differ, the speakers differ, the weather differs – what does not differ is the rite of passage that takes place each year.  The day starts with nerves, dressing up, finding the assembly area, saying goodbye to teachers and friends.  There is nothing like it.  The something magical happens.  Speech by speech, diploma by diploma, row by row – the graduates emerge as young adults.  Gone are the days of middle school squabbles, of lost homework, and of looking for lunch money and all the rest.  Students smile; they stand tall; they show their well-deserved pride.

I remain confident and enthusiastic that we are in good hands.  The future is bright with Chimacum kids – you can count on them!

I am looking forward to seeing this year’s class.  My very best to all the families.  Have a safe and fun celebration!


Rick Thompson


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