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    Beginning Monday, November 30th, Chimacum School District will return to an all remote-only learning model. Some students, according to their special needs, will continue with in-person instruction.  School personnel will contact the families of these students to set up a schedule. Students who do not have internet access at home will coordinate with their teacher.

    Cohort A is welcome to attend in person as usual on Monday, November 23rd.  Cohort B only is invited to attend in person on Tuesday, November 24th.  Wednesday, November 25th is considered all remote learning and a half day for students and staff.

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Accounts Payable

Theresa Montano-Burroughs
Accounting Tech, Cedars/Skyward Coordinator

(360) 302-5892

(360) 302-5892




Budget Reports are in Web Budget Data Mining 

Budget Reports that you have created in PAC are available in the Web under Budget Data Mining.  There are a few tricks to get them to run right, or if you want to have a report that you use over and over there is a trick to printing it one time with the changes you've made without saving the changes every time you want to use the report.  The revenue reports are not available yet.  If you have reports you use frequently you can set them up to run in the Task Manager and be sent directly to your email. (02/01/13)