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Public Disclosure Policy

Chimacum School District Public Records Officer:

Stephanie McCleary
Phone:  (360) 302-5894
Fax: (360) 732-4336

You may request disclosure of public records by completing the Chimacum School District Request for Public Records form.  Submit the form to the Public Records Officer located at: Chimacum School District Office 91 West Valley Rd, Chimacum WA 98325; or PO Box 278, Chimacum WA 98325; Fax (360)732-4336 or .

Within five (5) days of receipt of the request, the District will either (1) provide the record(s); or (2) deny the request; or (3) acknowledge the request and provide a reasonable time estimate for the response.

The District will charge a fee for copy costs and electronic records, as outlined in the form, plus the cost of mailing. Payment is required before copying or mailing.

For more specific information on public records please review the policies below:

Additional information can be found on the website for Washington State Office of the Attorney General.