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Levy Information

2024 Capital Projects Levy Measure

Chimacum School District is asking voters to consider a capital projects levy in the February 13, 2024 election. The state provides little to no funding for school construction projects or technology, and we rely on capital levies to fund needed repairs and maintenance, as well as facility upgrades and student technology. 
The four-year levy resolution would authorize the district to collect $2.325M per year and would support electrical, HVAC, and roof updates that promote energy efficiency. These funds would also be used to support student technology needs, and facility modernizations impacting learning environments, and safety and security. The proposed capital levy would be an increase from the previously approved $1.325M per year collection amount approved in 2012 and renewed in 2018.

HVAC Systems and Energy Efficiency

  • Begin replacement of HVAC systems and flat roofs (1980s and 1999 construction) across the district. The project costs exceed the funding request, so the district will spread the replacements across multiple years and address the most critical & oldest systems first. Replacing the current HVAC systems and the new roofs will result in the continued improvement of air quality and energy efficiency.

New playgrounds at Chimacum Creek Primary and Chimacum Elementary

  • Replacement of aging playground equipment at Chimacum Elementary and Chimacum Creek Primary School. The structures are old and need safety updates.

Updated student technology such as laptops for students

  • Continued replacement cycle of technology equipment across the district including computers, devices, switches, and infrastructure maintenance.

Ongoing facility needs and repairs

  • Installation of fire suppression systems in the CJSHS auditorium, gym, weight room, and locker rooms to protect the safety of all users.
  • Replacement of aging flooring and repainting classrooms at Chimacum Creek Primary.