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Superintendent's Message 09/15/2023

Dear Chimacum Families,

Technology resources are critical to an effective 21st century education. Using local capital levy resources we are able to provide tremendous tools to our teachers and students in the classroom. 

We couldn’t do this work without our dedicated tech support person,Trevor Collins. Trevor has been with the district over two years providing crucial support daily to keep our servers, network, and other resources running for kids!

September 19 is Instructional Technology Professionals Day. We celebrate your commitment to our families, Trevor!

Dr. Scott Mauk, Superintendent

Superintendent's Message 09/01/2023

Dear Chimacum Families,

I am wishing you a grand weekend before school begins. We are looking forward to seeing you and getting started on a terrific school year!

I hope you had a chance to come to Cowboy Day (back to school) yesterday at our schools. It was delightful to see each other and get reacquainted. Thanks for coming- it means a lot to our staff to see you.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Nancy McDaniels’ new book, Chimacum- In the Valley, Near the Water, it is a great read! Full of pictures and stories going back to the 19th century, it paints a compelling picture of our Chimacum Deep Roots. 

One particular story her mother, Aileen (Chimacum class of 1933), told her is appropriate for Cowboy Day. From her book,

Port Townsend and Chimacum had always been rivals (not the Rivals of today) who fiercely defended the bragging rights in every sport in which they engaged. Many of the Chimacum players (before Title IX became a thing) were the sons who had to finish their chores in the family dairy before they made the trip “to town” to play in whatever the competition was for that day. Allegedly, the Port Townsend players would make some animated calls across the gymnasium asking whether the Chimacum visitors had wiped their feet after leaving the barn and before coming onto the floor. It didn’t endear one team to the other.

So rather than fight the optional visual image, the Chimacum mascot became the Cowboys. The cowboy riding the bucking bronco was a more acceptable image and probably better than someone milking a dairy cow.

As they say, the rest is history.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Dr. Scott Mauk, Superintendent