Class Expectations


Assignments, Packets, Self-Tests, Handouts                  20%   

Participation                                                                       5% 

Quizzes, Labs                                                                  35%

Chapter, Mid-Term and Semester Tests                           40%   

  • There will be a test at the conclusion of every chapter.   Quizzes will be given every few days.
  • Assignments will be marked complete or partially complete on day due.
  • In-Class work can generally only be made up after school or at lunch, date and time will be announced by teacher.
  • Assignment Packets will be collected in class every Friday. If packet is not in order, it will be returned to you to fix and resubmit. This packet includes all homework, in-class work, labs, etc
  • Assignment Packets will not normally be accepted late.  (Except for excused absences)
  • Extra Credit of the equivalent of a 100% on a quiz will be given on the last day of each semester if you have the copy that was handed out the first week of school.  If you lose this, you do not get a new one.

Items you need:

You need these items by Monday 9/10/2018.  (And every day thereafter)

  • Pencil
  • 3-Ring Binder with sections for  practice and homework, tests & quizzes, labs and in-class work
  • A composition notebook for notes and vocabulary (will be handed out in class)
  • Graph paper
  • College Ruled paper
  • TI 83 or TI 84 Calculator (recommended) or other graphing scientific calculator capable of doing Statistical Regressions. You may borrow one in class only, if you leave cell phone as collateral.

Letter Grade Key

A         94 – 100%                             C         74 – 78%

A-        91 – 94%                               C-        70 – 74%

B +      88 – 91%                               D+       67 – 69%

B         84 – 88%                               D         60 – 67%

B -       81 – 84%                  

C+       78 – 81%                               F          0  -  59%


Students will show respect to everyone in the classroom at all times. Which looks like:

  1. Come to class prepared.
  2. Participate politely
  3. Work quietly (Profanity will not be tolerated). When working together in groups, use a CHAMPS LEVEL 2-3 voice (anyone farther than 3 feet should not be able to hear you).
  4. Use SLANT posture, no resting head on desks or sleeping.
  5. Throw all garbage away after class in the garbage can, or recycle bin.
  6. No food, drinks (other than pure water), sun glasses, hats, hoods up, or hiding face.
  7. No Cell Phones or other technology allowed in class. Cell phones and other devices will be confiscated for the period, this is your only warning. If it is not in your backpack or pocket, you are giving me permission to take it away. On the second offense, I will turn the device into the office by 3, where you can collected it. If this is repeat behavior, I will return the device to the parent/guardian only.
  8. It is recommended that all work will be done in pencil.


What if I forget to be respectful?

1st time:  Warning - the warning may be omitted if you continue to break the same rule day after day or if the offense is extreme.

2nd time: 30 minutes detention, Parent called

3rd time or Severe Disruption:  Skyward referral, removal from class, Parent called

Tardy to class:

1st time:  Warning and lecture from me. (you will be marked tardy in Skyward –possible lunch detention)

2nd time:  10 minute Detention in my room after school

3rd time, and each time there after: Parent called, and possible Skyward referral or detention of 10min times number of times tardy in semester.

Make-up Work

Excused absence – you will be allowed to make up work, all test and quizzes will be made up on your own time, after school or at lunch.  You will be allowed one day for each day absent to complete work.  If there are extenuating circumstances, you will need to see me on your own time.

Unexcused absence: you will receive a 0 grade.

Tutoring, making up tests and quizzes

I am available most days after school until 3:15, and some days at lunch if Knowledge Bowl is not practicing.