Class Syllabus


TEACHER: Mrs. Joanne Schmitt


PRE-REQUISITES: Algebra I, Geometry


Algebra II focuses on the concepts of functions and relations with emphasis on linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, radical, and rational functions. The student will apply algebraic concepts to a variety of real-world situations that can be modeled mathematically.

Fall Semester will cover a short review of Linear and Absolute Value Functions, with emphasis on transformations; Quadratic, Polynomial,

Spring Semester will finish Polynomial functions, then move on to Radical and Exponential Functions, Logarithmic and Rational Functions; Sequences and Series, Trigonometric Ratios and Functions, Probability and Data Analysis and Statistics.

TEXTBOOKS: Big Ideas Algebra 2

Each student will be given the option to check out a textbook that they can keep at home at all times, or use the online textbook at

Each student will create an account online during class the first week of school.

The teacher will have a classroom set of textbooks for the students to use in class. This year, computers will be available in class most days for 1:1 student use.