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Lisa Morrison
Special Education Teacher
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Faculty - Junior/Senior High School

     Welcome parents, guardians, and students!  I am excited about starting my fifth year of teaching special education at Chimacum Senior High School. Prior to coming to Washington, I taught for over 20 years in Northern California with Humboldt County Office of Education at an alternative education 7-12th grade school.   This year, I will be teaching Resource English (covering 4 novels), Resource Math (Geometry), and Resource Credit (working on IEP goal skills, academic support, and transition skills).  In English, we had quite a bit of fun reading books and saw significant growth in reading and writing skills and production.  Some of the books we chose even had a movie at the end that we could watch and compare to the book.  We will have new books in English this upcoming year, so students doing multiple years will always be excited and challenged with new forms of writing and topics.  Geometry this year will have numerous real world projects that we complete to put geometry concepts into practice.

     I attended Mills College for my undergraduate work with a BA in biology and a minor in theater.  To earn my teaching credentials in general education and special education, I attended Humboldt State University.  I was born and raised in California, but I have found Jefferson County to be remarkably similar to Humboldt County in CA, only about 10 degrees cooler here.

     In addition to being a teacher, I am a parent to a daughter and son that will both be attending Chimacum Junior/Senior High School next year.  My daughter will be in 12th grade while my son will be attending 7th grade.  My son and daughter have quite different "likes" and learning styles.  Due to the numerous ways to take advantage of learning at Chimacum schools, they can meet their different needs.