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    Early Release Bus Changes: Due to a bus driver shortage and bus capacity (due to Covid protocols) we are unable to do one single PK-12 bus run for scheduled early release days October 13 and 14, November 24, March 9 and 10, May 20, and June 17. This primarily impacts grades 7-12. Early Release times for grades K-6 have not changed.


    Building schedules are as follows: CJSHS 7:45-11:15; CES 8:45-12:15; CCP- 9:00-12:30.

    West Sound Tech students will ride the Elementary bus.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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Superintendent's Message

Dr. Scott Mauk

Scott Mauk

October 8, 2021

Dear Chimacum Families,


It has been a really great week in our schools, as our Junior/Senior High students have in-person Spirit Week activities and an in-person Homecoming Football game this evening! Homecoming is an important part of a high school experience for many of our kids, going back generations. The fun, the pageantry, and the break from the daily schedule are all hallmarks of this week across our country.


I get to spend a lot of my time as a leader thinking about and talking about the “Broad Horizons” that we want for our students and families. This is creating possibilities for each student by creating a safe, nurturing learning community for them to thrive and grow to be fulfilled.


I haven’t spent much time telling you what I think about “Deep Roots”.


For me, coming to Chimacum was about the connection we have to this place and the profound sense of culture and history here. Generations of families have attended our Chimacum Schools since the first class of five graduated in 1919. Although each new class takes us a little further away from those origins, the history and the spirit is still here, and we need to pay attention to it- especially because each new superintendent, staff member, or board member may be one more generation removed from that history.


I continue to try to learn about our Chimacum history and culture by way of connecting to this place and leading for place-based learning. It is not just about our indigenous roots or our farming and ranching history. It is also about multiple generations of Chimacum families- people who gave to our schools, built our schools, taught our ancestors, and built lives here. There are many stories.


A particularly important story for me that brings together many of the elements of this place is the life of Tommy Yarr. If you don’t know the story, Tommy was a Chimacum graduate and All American football player at Notre Dame under coach Knute Rockne and briefly a professional in the AFL. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1987. He was born in Dabob and raised on a dairy farm in Chimacum. As a football hero, he received football accolades for us to be proud of. And, as a man who was Snohomish and Irish, he was at the intersection of different pieces of our deep roots- where indigenous people and white settlers raised families together. He overcame bias and racial stereotyping with hard work and persistence.


These are the stories of people that help me understand and love this place.


One last note- I want to celebrate our Chimacum Principals- it is National Principal month! I am proud of the work that Kyle, Jason, Kim, and Mark do each day on behalf of kids. It has been a very challenging start to a school year, and they have done a great job managing all the pieces and keeping our schools moving forward in positive directions. Three Cheers!




Scott Mauk, Superintendent


(360) 302-5896



October 5, 2021


Dear Chimacum Families,


Happy World Teachers Day! I am deeply grateful, as I know you are, for the incredible contributions our teachers make each day to our community wellbeing and our students thriving.


On a different note, we are gearing up for some schedule changes in response to regional and nationwide bus driver shortages. While we can plug holes, fill gaps, double up here and there, the fact is that bus service will likely be disrupted on and off for the next few weeks. We will do our best to alleviate disruptions to our families, and to communicate as best we can the changes we will be making.


We continue to recruit bus driver candidates and endeavor to maintain an outstanding transportation team of dedicated drivers and support people. The safety of our precious cargo is always job one.



Scott Mauk, Superintendent


(360) 302-5896




October 1, 2021


Dear Chimacum Families,


Fall is really here. October snuck right up on us in a quite blustery way!


As you may have noticed, many of our kids and families are struggling with their emotions. The weariness of Covid is pervasive, as are the effects of the news each day. Our students feel this and we are responding to their short and long-term needs.


An ounce of prevention…

We know that stressed and distracted students (and adults) don’t learn. We use Social and Emotional Learning Curriculums in all grades. Students are engaged in learning activities that help them process their own feelings, learn to work with other students, and develop a sense of mutual belonging. This approach is important to our staff, as they know that they will have fewer conduct problems and emotional challenges in their classrooms, halls, and playgrounds if our students are equipped with skills and resilience for dealing with hard things and challenging emotions. It's also the right thing to do for each student!


Whole Child Approach…

Building leaders, teachers, and support staff work with individual students each day to help them with difficult emotions and challenges. Our teams are patient and kind, and try to approach each situation with a student’s overall well-being and dignity at the center. Many of our students came back to in-person learning for the first time in 18 months. In some cases, the first time ever! No matter what grade a student might be in, this would cause tremendous stress and anxiety of the unknown, the unfamiliar, and of not feeling immediate belonging. We are there with them.


Student Support…

Emergencies and hot emotions often arise and our building teams respond to each situation to support each student to feel safe and secure. We work with each student to ensure they can remain in class if it is safe to do so, and to keep everyone engaged. You may have heard of recent school fights in our region. The images that circulate on social media are often startling. While acts of violence aren’t tolerated, we will work with students and families to help repair harm, and ensure that students take responsibility for their actions in order to learn and grow. Again, all the while we want to ensure safety.


I expect and encourage our Chimacum Staff to promote safety and well-being of themselves and our students. They receive professional training, promote district policy and Washington Law, and partner with community organizations like the Teen Center and Jumping Mouse. While academic growth is our main goal, we believe that we cannot engage students without supporting the “whole child”. I invite you to join us and help us know more about how to support you.


Please let us know if there are any ways we can support you and your children. You can reach out to your school counselor or principal for specific guidance or resources.




Scott Mauk, Superintendent


(360) 302-5896


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